Valley Staff Members

List of 16 members.

  • Photo of Jonathan Strecker

    Jonathan Strecker 

    Head of School
  • Photo of Jessica Barbera

    Jessica Barbera 

    Director of Marketing/Communications
  • Photo of Katelyn Bruzda

    Katelyn Bruzda 

    Director of Admissions & Events
  • Photo of Jennifer Fretts

    Jennifer Fretts 

    Business Office Assistant
  • Photo of Christy Goswick

    Christy Goswick 

  • Photo of Beth Hamerski

    Beth Hamerski 

    Business Office Assistant
  • Photo of Richard Kanuch

    Richard Kanuch 

    Maintenance and Facilities Supervisor
  • Photo of Tammy Kline

    Tammy Kline 

    Business Manager/Director of Physical Plant
  • Photo of Cindy Palmer

    Cindy Palmer 

    Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Michelle Smith

    Michelle Smith 

    Director of Development
  • Photo of Jeff Snyder

    Jeff Snyder 

  • Photo of Sharon Snyder

    Sharon Snyder 

    Director of Food Services
  • Photo of Candace Springer

    Candace Springer 

    Administrative Assistant
  • Photo of Jeff Turley

    Jeff Turley 

  • Photo of Marlene Wasnesky

    Marlene Wasnesky 

    Kitchen Staff
  • Photo of Kenneth Willochell

    Kenneth Willochell 


Lower School Faculty Members

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Allie Arendas

    Allie Arendas 

    Lower School Division Head Grades K-4 /Curriculum Director
  • Photo of Linda Barth

    Linda Barth 

    Third Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Joanne Copeland

    Joanne Copeland 

    Fourth Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Rebecca Dempsey

    Rebecca Dempsey 

    Extended Day Program/Classroom Aide
  • Photo of Allee Dupuis

    Allee Dupuis 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Sandi Fryer

    Sandi Fryer 

    Kindergarten Teacher
  • Photo of Gail Hugo

    Gail Hugo 

    First Grade Teacher
  • Photo of Sandra Kantor

    Sandra Kantor 

    Classroom Aide
  • Photo of Patty Shebeck

    Patty Shebeck 

    Director of Extended Day/Classroom Aide
  • Photo of Beth Wehner

    Beth Wehner 

    Second Grade Teacher

Upper School Faculty Members

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of David Kirkland

    David Kirkland 

    Upper School Division Head/Grades 5-9
  • Photo of Kaley Zurawski

    Kaley Zurawski 

    Core Studies Grade 5/Coach
  • Photo of Marcus Croley

    Marcus Croley 

    Social Studies Grades 7-9/ Lacrosse Coach
  • Photo of Sarah Fichter

    Sarah Fichter 

    Core Studies Grade 6/ English 7&9
  • Photo of Mark McNeil

    Mark McNeil 

    Math Grades 6-9/Coach
  • Photo of Lauren Molnar

    Lauren Molnar 

    Math Teacher/Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Cassandra Nolfi

    Cassandra Nolfi 

    Math Department Chair/ Math Grades 6-9/ Coach
  • Photo of Marlene Saenz

    Marlene Saenz 

    Spanish Grades 7-9
  • Photo of Brandon Snyder

    Brandon Snyder 

    Upper School Science Grades 6-9
  • Photo of Jessica Yates

    Jessica Yates 

    Core Studies Grade 6/English 8

Specialist Faculty Members

List of 18 members.

  • Photo of Ruth Barton

    Ruth Barton 

    Educational Technologist/Department Chair/Lower School Technology
  • Photo of Tyler Brinton

    Tyler Brinton 

    Upper School Technology
  • Photo of Deborah Broker

    Deborah Broker 

    Music Grades 1-9
  • Claudia  Clemens 

    Permanent Substitute
  • Photo of Denise Danko

    Denise Danko 

    Reading Specialist
  • Photo of Hannah Earhart

    Hannah Earhart 

    Learning Specialist
  • Photo of Brian Jinks

    Brian Jinks 

    Music Grades K-9
  • Photo of Lindsey Kauffman

    Lindsey Kauffman 

    Physical Education Grades K,3-9/ Coach
  • Photo of Karen Koza

    Karen Koza 

  • Photo of Deborah Mewherter

    Deborah Mewherter 

    Instrumental Music/Aide
  • Photo of Richard Rohrer

    Richard Rohrer 

    Athletic Director/Physical Education K-9
  • Photo of Marlene Saenz

    Marlene Saenz 

    Spanish Grades 7-9
  • Photo of Brandon Snyder

    Brandon Snyder 

    Upper School Science Grades 6-9
  • Photo of Beatriz Sweeney

    Beatriz Sweeney 

    Spanish Grades K-6
  • Photo of Denise Temple

    Denise Temple 

    School Counselor
  • Photo of Kelly Vallely

    Kelly Vallely 

    Fine Arts Department Chair/Art K-9
  • Photo of Carole Wright

    Carole Wright 

    Science Grades K-5/Coach
  • Photo of Sesame Zamora

    Sesame Zamora 

    Latin Grades 7-9