Welcome to the Lower School!

Many years ago the Valley faculty met and spent time thinking about the kind of person we hoped a Valley graduate would become. The faculty knew the qualities that they valued but lacked the imaginative language to bring these qualities to life for the children. After brainstorming a long list, someone thought of four words that seemed to say it all: kindness, responsibility, respect, and truthfulness.

But words on paper weren’t enough and graduates had to have a way to remember them. After a little more thought, a creative person suggested the four B’s: Be kind, Be responsible, Be respectful, and Be truthful. To this day lower school students in kindergarten through four see these words displayed on “bees” throughout the classrooms. They are our motto to work hard and play fairly.

If you happen to be at Valley as the day begins, you see children walk into the building with smiles, anxious to visit with friends and continue their learning. Individualized reading, hands-on math, inquiry-based science, world language, arts, and sports are all enjoyed by both teachers and children because the 4B’s are alive and thriving. We encourage you to come and see our busy bees in lower school.