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The Lower School curriculum emphasizes reading, writing, mathematics, hands-on science, and social studies. The Upper School program includes courses in literature and composition; Western and Northwestern history and geography; earth, life and physical science; mathematics through Algebra I and geometry; and options in Latin and Spanish. Art, music, technology, library, physical education, and an introduction to world language enrich each child's program. Upper School students continue to pursue challenging coursework and are expected to be responsible for themselves, their School, and their community. Sound study skills are formed. Electives in graphics, guitar, chorus, drama, design, and painting give Upper School students freedom to pursue individual interests.


The visual and performing arts curricula for all students stimulate creativity. Art classes take advantage of Valley's scenic campus for inspiration, and visiting artists share their skills and excitement. Every student also experiences music-making and drama. Regular music classes are scheduled for all grades, and the orchestra and chorus are open to interested Upper School students. The Holiday Concert and winter drama production are highlights of the school year. 


Participation in athletics is required of all Valley School Students. In the Lower School students acquire the skills and attitudes that promote healthy participation in activities. In grades 5-6 students are introduced to team sports through regular practices and occasional games. Participation in grades 7-9 compete at either the junior varsity or varsity level depending on age, experience, and effort. Daily practices encourage skill development, team play, responsibility, and sportsmanship.

Valley's four athletic fields are used for gym classes and team sports. The modern gymnasium includes a regulation-size basketball court, ample indoor play areas, and a weight training room. Varsity and Junior Varsity sports are soccer, field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Valley takes advantage of a local ski resort through its Friday afternoon ski program in the winter.


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