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Financial Aid

 The Valley School of Ligonier’s Financial Aid Program has a twofold purpose: to provide interested students with an opportunity for a high quality education and to provide the School with a well-qualified student body reflecting a broad social and economic mix. For those goals to be achieved, it is essential that the ability to pay the full tuition not be a deciding factor in determining whether or not a promising person may attend Valley School. Need is the chief criterion upon which scholarship amounts are based.


The need of applicants acceptable for admission, who also qualify for financial aid, may exceed the funds available. Therefore, awards are dependent to some degree upon individual merit.


Every tuition grant is made for one year and may be renewed subject to parents filing an annual financial statement. A family may expect that aid will be continued throughout a student’s enrollment, but final determination is subject to financial circumstances and the student’s effort and attitude toward his work.


Financial aid is distributed fairly, but not necessarily on an equal basis. Each family is considered individually. Promptness in submitting applications and supporting material is very important.


Valley subscribes to the principles and services of the School and Student Service for Financial Aid, which provides the School with a financial analysis based upon the confidential statement of need known as the “Parents’ Financial Statement.” SSS forms should be completed online at http://sss.nais.org. A processing fee is charged and may be paid by credit card. Promptness is meeting the following deadlines is critical. Each parent is also required to submit to SSS a copy of the current Federal Income Tax form with accompanying schedules.

(These dates will change)


January 22nd    ---   all financial aid paperwork filed with SSS

February 22nd  --  taxes and all accompanying schedules due to SSS

March 7th          ---   notification from Valley School about
                                 admission decisions and financial aid


Two Household Families

For applicants with divorced or separated parents, the Financial Aid Committee will consider the assets of natural parents, a custodial parent who has remarried, and a non-custodial parent. A PFS (Parents’ Financial Statement) and tax forms should be submitted accordingly.

External Resources

The committee welcomes any explanation of potential sources of help beyond the parents’ own income and assets. These are to be noted on the PFS for consideration by the School.


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