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Nutrition At Valley School

At Valley School, we consider the dining room one more opportunity to model healthy choices and manners for our students.  Eating family style allows students to build relationships across grade levels, to build relationships with a variety of adults in the building, and to build healthy associations with eating and food.  Table conversation, helping others, and sharing a community meal are all an important part of the experience.

Sharon Snyder is our Director of Food Services.  She works hard to set strong nutrition standards for the sake of our students’ health.  Please take a moment to review the nutritional standards we have already set for our dining room.

 Daily salad bar with freshly chopped vegetables and lettuce

  • Regular fresh fruit on the salad bar and for dessert
  • Whole wheat bread, pizza dough and pasta
  • No fried food—everything is oven-browned or oven-grilled
  • Elimination of processed meat (e.g. chicken nuggets) with the exception of an occasional hot dog meal
  • Seasonal fresh vegetables
  • Soups are homemade and not canned
  • Most meal components made from scratch (e.g.  cheese sauce for macaroni and cheese, beef stew, pasta sauce etc.)
  • Chocolate milk only on Fridays
  • Elimination of orange “drink” due to high fructose corn syrup
  • Near elimination of all trans fats
  • All natural peanut butter
  • High quality meats

 Mrs. Snyder is happy to accommodate any student that has a food allergy or other dietary restriction.

We are working to build more and more relationships with local farmers for produce and meat.  Valley School is also in the preliminary stages of planning a school garden so that we can help our students understand the connection between the food we grow and the food we eat.  If you have any interest in participating in this project, please be in touch with Clair Ward, our Head of School.


"Lunch at Valley was less about the actual meal itself and more about why this school feels so much like a family . "
                                        Annoria  (1997)


 Upper School family style lunch 


"I have so many fond memories of my Valley School years, it's nearly impossible to narrow it down to one! "
                                        Kathleen  (1990)

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