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  • Week #1 June 6th – June 10th Morning Camps

    Building Community: Volunteer Camp 6th – 9th Grade
    Jump into a week of service learning within our community! This camp will be filled with specialized projects to assist community members and organizations in need. Yard work, neighbor visits, clean-ups, and more! The week will be capped off with a special day trip!
    Screen Printing 4th -9th Grade
    Create your new favorite t-shirt and print a one-of-a-kind poster during this unique new camp! Throughout the week expert artist, Amy Roadman will introduce you to the basics of designing graphics, screen preparation, printing, and studio maintenance. Campers will use traditional drawing and computer-aided design techniques to create wearable and fine art.
    Games of Chance, Strategy, and Action 4th – 9th Grade
    Roll the dice and sign up for a camp totally focused on games of all kinds. Each day will highlight different games that happen inside, outside, on the court, in the field, or on a table. History teacher and coach Marcus Croley will share his love of sports and games with the campers who join this action-packed experience.
    CSI Camp 4th – 9th Grade
    A summer camp mystery is ready to be solved during this week-long deep dive into forensics. Join AJ Haberkorn, a visiting science teacher from Greater Latrobe, as he leads a hands-on investigation using specialized science. Campers could have the opportunity to meet and interview local and regional experts in forensics and crime investigation.
    Outdoor Adventure 4th – 9th Grade
    Spend the morning outside exploring every aspect of the outdoors! Using art, writing, meditation, yoga, and more, campers will find adventure in the woods, along the stream, around the campfire, and under the towering pines that surround Valley School. This camp is led by expert adventurers, fitness instructors and outdoor enthusiasts!
    Sports, Sports, Sports 4th – 9th Grade
    How many different sports and games can be packed into one week of camp? Sign up for SPORTS, SPORTS, SPORTS and find out! Bring your sneakers and water bottles and get ready to play! Coach K is ready to get moving and grooving!
  • Week #1 June 6th – June 10th Afternoon Camps

    Latin Cooking (Sabor Latino!) 4th – 9th Grade
    If you decide to take the camp, “Sabor Latino”, which means Latin Flavor, you will be introduced to many foods from Latin America. Make your taste buds sing as you experience a variety of different flavors and textures. Beyond tasting all of these delicious foods, you will also learn about their origins and how they differ from one country to another. Come and enjoy this new exciting adventure with our Spanish teachers Senora Saenz and Senora Kantor! ¡Nos vemos!
    The Pottery Wheel: 4th – 9th Grade
    In this beginner’s pottery wheel class, we will explore how to make basic cylinders, bowls, and other vessels. Art instructor, Amy Roadman will guide campers as they work their way through the various stages of using the potter’s wheel. Campers will also dive into decorative techniques such as adding handles, attaching embellishments, carving, and sgraffito. Color will be added with underglaze and all products will be fired after camp ends. All campers participating in this camp will pick up their finished pieces from camp.
    In the Lab: 4th – 9th Grade
    You never know WHAT will happen in the Science Lab! The entire week will include a deep dive into Mr. Haberkorn’s favorite science topics and most interesting labs! Goggles, gloves, and lab supplies will all be supplied!
    Amazing Race: The Race Goes On! 6th – 9th Grade
    Just when you thought the race was over, Mr. Jinks has come back with NEW challenges, CRAZY CHALLENGING trivia, and MORE mystery action than any other camp before. Pick your team now and get ready to go for the Amazing Race Grand Prize. Camp includes excursions and travel for competition.
    Volleyball and Basketball: Bump, Spike, Swish, Score! 4th – 9th Grade
    Bounce into action as you learn and practice two amazing sports with our superstar coach Denise Matheson. She will infuse campers with enthusiasm, skill, and confidence as they learn game basics and strategies. All levels of players welcome!
  • Week #2 June 13th – June 17th Afternoon Camps

    Flag Football 4th – 5th Grade
    Learn to throw the perfect spiral! Perfect your dodge moves! And enjoy a full week of football action with friends. Coach K will lead this camp of strategy and fun!
    Tie-Dye: Swirls, Whirls, and Patterns 4th – 9th Grade
    Get ready for a groovy week of creating tie-dye patterns in a variety of fabrics, shirts, socks, and more. The possibilities are an endless mix of creatively paired colors and shapes. Kaley Zurawski will introduce campers to basic tie-dye and other techniques like batik. This a camp that shouldn’t be missed!
    Lego City: 4th – 9th Grade
    Join Lego Master Brian Jinks and work to envision and build your own version of Lego City. Work throughout the week on creating various structures, machines, and buildings. We have the Legos; all we need is your imagination and energy.
    Pack A Picnic: 4th – 9th Grade
    How would you pack and prepare a picnic? Spend the week planning and learning to prepare the best picnic ever with our picnic expert Julie Smith. She will jam-pack the week with fun recipes, cool cooking techniques, and lots of ideas for picnic locations! Each day campers will take their picnic to a new spot!
    Game Design: 4th – 9th Grade
    Explore the Valley School Tech Lab with our very own Mr. B as he introduces you to Game Design. Campers will work through the various skills and ideas needed to build games that can be played online. Start planning and get ready to build and play!
    Gym Class Heroes 6th – 9th
    Attention older campers! All your gym class favorites are packed into one week! Scooters, noodles, dodgeballs, and more! Create your own classic gym class games to share and add to the list of our all-time favorites! Get ready to rock the gym!
  • Week #2 June 13th – June 17th Morning Camps

    Battle Camp: 6th – 9th Grade
    NEW Format! NEW Adventure! This epic camp will include a week of designing and building structures fit for battle and survival! Whose will come out on top? The week will close with an exciting trip to Battlezone to put learned strategies and ideas into practice! Strength, strategy, and creative building skills required.
    EcoWarriors: 4th – 9th Grade
    Speak for the trees! Make a difference to the Earth! Kaley Zurawski, 5th Grade teacher, will lead a group of aspiring naturalists and conversation-minded students through a week of outdoor adventure and fun! What can you do to make a difference? Sign up for this camp to take action and learn.
    Photography 101: 4th – 9th Grade
    Zoom in with Julie Smith who will share her passion for and interest in photography. Throughout the week students will explore the world through a different lens! The camp will include photography adventure, daily prizes, and take-home work.
    ArtVENTURES! 6th – 9th Grade
    The cost of this camp is $315 due to busing and fees for trips
    Combine ART with ADVENTURE and join this camp designed for older campers only. Amy Roadman, our expert art instructor, will lead a group of campers through an exploration of art throughout our area. Their off-campus travels will take them to the Main Exhibit of Ligonier, SAMA in Ligonier, and to the Touchstone Center for the Arts. At each location, campers will learn, make, and create art highlighted at that site. Stain glass, sculpture, and metalwork will activate all levels of interest. Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!
    Go for the Gold! 4th – 9th Grade
    Compete all week against your friends for the ultimate Gold Medal Prize! Events will include popular summer Olympic sports as well as sports or challenges that are unique to Valley Soar Camp!
    Battle Bots 4th – 9th Grade
    Can your Battle Bot overcome the ultimate competition? Can it withstand the pressure? Bring your creativity and skills with you to create the Battle Bot that comes out on top! Tyler Brinton, our technology teacher will facilitate this camp filled with action and tinkering.
  • Week #3 June 20th – June 24th Afternoon Camps

    Sports Superstars: 4th – 9th Grade
    What does it take to be a top-notch athlete? Flexibility, strength, and more! Spend the week pushing the limits, testing your physical strength, , and improving your overall skills. Our expert coaches will work with campers on strength, agility, and positive mindset while participating in a wide variety of games, sports, and activities.
    Jewelry Making: 4th – 9th Grade
    There are an amazing number of techniques to learn in the art of jewelry making! We will explore as many of them as possible during this action-packed camp. From creating patterns and choosing color schemes to using natural elements, you will create wearable art suited to many different styles. You will design and make your own beads and focal elements, learn how to use the proper tools and findings, create sets, and build a collection. Since there is no “standard look” for handmade jewelry, we will explore individual interests to create one-of-a-kind pieces that look professional!
    Wild About the Woods: 4th – 9th Grade
    Hit the trail, slosh through the stream, and scale the rocks with naturalist and teacher Kaley Zurawski. Campers will spend the entire week outside learning about the forest ecosystem that surrounds our campus. With a backpack of guide books and exploration tools, each camper will be set up for discovery and fun.
    Cookies, Cookies, Cookies: 4th – 9th Grade
    How many cookies can one camp bake in one week? Sign up to find out! Baker and teacher Julie Smith will lead campers through a cookie bake-off! With plenty of folks on campus ready to sample, campers will be busy learning new techniques and baking secrets.
    Games, Games, Games 4th – 9th
    So many games! So little time! Join our game enthusiast Lauren Molnar to brainstorm and play as many games as possible in ONE WEEK! Board games, card games, lawn games, and more! Don’t miss this week of strategy and fun!
  • Week #3 June 20th – June 24th Morning Camps

    Soccer Camp! Kick It! 4th – 9th Grade
    Sign up for a fast-paced, skill-building week of soccer with Valley School soccer coaches and past players. This camp will challenge every player and raise the skill level of new enthusiasts. Special focus will be given to developing skills that highlight skillful team play and top-notch communication.
    Outdoor Living Skills: 4th – 9th Grade
    Survival and science collide in this awesome outdoor camp! Trek through the forest surrounding the school to visit the caves, establish campsites, build shelter, and practice survival techniques. On your journey learn about the natural flora and fauna found in our region.
    Cooking Around the World: 4th – 9th Grade
    Journey the globe with your tastebuds and learn about food from the far corners of the Earth. Cooking enthusiast Julie Smith will be your tastebud travel guide for the entire week. Campers will learn about foods of different regions while exploring culture as well. Each camper will finish the week with a pantry of ideas to share at home.
    Outdoor Oil Painting: 4th – 9th Grade
    Take a break from all modern distractions and put ourselves into the shoes of great landscape painters documenting the beauty around them. To paint en Plein air, you immerse yourself in nature and start investigating and observing what colors, light, shapes, and shadows you see. Beginner oil painting techniques will be taught by Amy Roadman, a participant in SAMA’s annual Plein air event. We will explore many different areas of the campus and enhance your creative expression. Plein air painting pushes you to paint faster, make quicker decisions, and not overwork your painting. It will be fun to see your progress from day 1 to 5!
    Trout Tank: SOAR Camp’s Version of Shark Tank 4th – 9th Grade
    Calling all inventors! Bring your best ideas and get ready to present your pitch to our very own “Trout Tank”. Campers will have the week to imagine, create, and prepare their prototype to present to our expert panel of judges. Dig into the tools and gear in the tech/science room and let your imagination soar!
    Beads! Beads! Beads! 4th – 9th
    What would you do with a never-ending supply of beads? Hop into this camp to find out! Math teacher and amateur artist Lauren Molnar are ready to explore, imagine, and design!