Grades 2 and 3 Camps

Week 1 Morning Camps:
Animal Planet- Mrs. Wehner (AM)
Campers will go ape over this morning session: playing games, making crafts, and learning interesting facts about…animals of the world.  Sign up to monkey around; it will be “toadally” awesome!

Week 1 Afternoon Camps
Coding: Mrs. Barton (PM)
Campers will experience coding through the Hour of Code. This will be done using a series of one-hour tutorials that teach the basis of coding and computer science for beginners. The more advanced coder, will be creating a more personalized program and games. The campers will work at a personal pace to impact the individual interest level and experience.
Food Science: Mrs. Wright (PM)
What can learn about food in a science camp? Lemons that make electricity? Strawberries that grow a special mold? Beans that dance? Don’t miss this awesome camp exploring food in a brand new way!


Week 2 Morning Camps:
Little Inventors:  Mrs. DaConceicao (AM)
Does your child like to tinker and create?  This camp will give children the opportunity to let their inner inventor shine!  Make your own toys, inventing games, and even create a new snack recipe.

Week 2 Afternoon Camps:
STEM- Mrs. Barton (PM)
Hands on learning and logic based problem solving using science and mathematics is what your kids can expect with this camp! Campers will work in cooperative groups to show evidence of the problem’s solution. Campers will use house hold items to solve real world problems. They might be asked to build a better bridge or create a rollercoaster.

Lego Camp: Mrs. DaConceicao (PM)
Do you love building with Legos? Come design the tallest tower, a contraption with a crank, a racecar or anything else you can imagine! This camp will be all about using your building skills and creativity to beat some of the coolest Lego Challenges.
Sports, Sports, Sports- Mr. Jinks (PM)
Get ready for an action packed week of sports and games. Spend the afternoon sampling some of your favorite sports; kickball, soccer, hockey, Frisbee.. you name it! Try a new sport each day

Week 3 Morning Camps:
Story Tellers- Mrs. Wehner (AM)
Once Upon a Time…campers will get a chance to tell their own stories!  Register now to explore different book-themed activities, with opportunities to be an author. 

Week 3 Afternoon Camps:
Science Snacks- Mrs. Wright (PM)
Come much away on all kinds of cool science experiments! Test out new ideas, try amazing experiments, and help to engineer awesome new ways to use the resources in the Valley School science room. Bring your brain and a huge imagination!
Gym Class Heroes- Mr. Croley (PM)
If you love PE class, this camp is for you! We will be playing popular gym class games like gold rush, protect the house and mat ball. We won’t just be playing the classics though, we’ll be learning some new games too. And of course what would gym class be without tag games? Come prepared to be active and have tons of fun!