Grades 4-9 Camps

Week 1 Morning Camps:
Let’s Go on a Picnic- Mrs. Snyder (AM)
Let’s enjoy some time preparing a picnic menu and then enjoy the beautiful campus. We will go on a picnic each day. Space limited to 12 campers.
Coding- Mrs. Barton (AM)
Campers will experience coding through the Hour of Code. This will be done using a series of one-hour tutorials that teach the basis of coding and computer science for beginners. The more advanced coder, will be creating a more personalized program and games. The campers will work at a personal pace to impact the individual interest level and experience.
Battle Camp-Mr. Croley (AM)
Come join the battle adventure! Campers will learn about various battles throughout history, construct forts, apply strategies and simulate mini battles. The week will finish with laser tag challenges in the arena filled with the forts the campers constructed. There will be a $10 additional charge for this camp to cover the lazer tag.
Board Games- Mrs. Molnar (AM)
Are you a fan of board games? Are you ready to take it to the next level? This is more than your classic monopoly and candy land.. get ready to take some intense strategy board games such as “Pandemic”, “Ticket to Ride”, “Settlers of Catan”, Dominion” and many more. Learn some new games and share your favorites.

Week 1 Afternoon Camps:
Chopped: Mrs. Snyder (PM)
Just like the famous TV Show “Chopped”, campers will use a basket of ingredients to create a dish. You don’t have to be a “master chef” to test your skills. All levels of experience are welcome. Space limited to 12 campers.
Gym Class Heroes: Mr. Croley (PM)
If you loved elementary PE, this camp is for you! We will be playing popular gym class games like gold rush, protect the house and mat ball. We won’t just be playing the classics though, we’ll be learning some new games too. And of course what would gym class be without tag games? Come prepared to be active and have tons of fun!
Scratch Game/Development: Mr. Brinton (PM)
Have you ever wanted to be a game designer or animator? If so, advanced Scratch may be for you! Starting with the fundamentals of Scratch programming, students will use this block-based language to develop their very own video games. No programming experience is necessary and this camp is suitable for all experience levels.
One-Act Theatre Production: Mrs. Molnar (PM)
Calling all actors and actresses! This camp will give you an opportunity to experience every aspect of producing a one-act play. This is your chance to dig into theater. Take to the stage. (No singing required) We will perform our 1 act play the final day of camp.

Week 2 Morning Camps:
STEM- Mrs. Barton (AM)
Hands on learning and logic based problem solving using science and mathematics is what your kids can expect with this camp! Campers will work in cooperative groups to show evidence of the problem’s solution. Campers will use house hold items to solve real world problems. They might be asked to build a better bridge or create a rollercoaster.
Recycled Science- Mrs. Wright (AM)
Join us for a science adventure as we explore some awesome experiments with recycled materials. Using everyday household items and treasures (that some people might call trash), we will tackle exciting science challenges. There might even be a few science explosions! Sign up and start collecting materials today to be prepared for a week of super cool science.
Amazing Race- Mr. Jinks (AM)
Ever want to travel the world on the Amazing Race? While this race won’t take you across any oceans, it will still be a boat load of fun! Campers will face a series of challenges, puzzles, and activities that will require teamwork and creative thinking. The week will culminate with a race through downtown Ligonier! Think you have what it takes? Sign up to join the Amazing Race! Space limited to 16 campers.
Hockey- Mr. Brinton (AM)
It’s a hockey night at Valley! Together we will work on the fundamentals of shooting, passing, stick handling and positioning. Throughout the week, we will progress to game situations and end with a scrimmage. This camp is suitable for all skill levels and beginners are encouraged to join. If necessary, there will be equipment available to borrow.

Week 2 Afternoon Camps:
H2O Camp- Mrs Wright (PM)
You will never look at water in the same way! Sign up to dive into a week of water exploration all around the Valley School campus. Be prepared to get wet, dirty, and inspired by water!
All Sports- Mr. Brinton (PM)
If you love sports, this is the camp for you! Join us to learn the basics and enjoy different sports such as badminton, wiffleball, flag football, and more. We will explore a different sport each day!
All About Beads- Mrs. Molnar (PM)
Bead can be used to create many different fun crafts for the summer, from bracelets and necklaces, to animals, and even wind chimes!  We will be making many different projects with beads that involve items found in nature, and making crafts for friends and families.  We will be spending time inside and outside as we create fun projects with beads!

Harry Potter Camp: Mr. Snyder (PM)
Enter the world of Harry Potter to be sorted into houses, create your wand and battle your way towards the house cup. Play quidditch and learn subjects like astronomy and potions.

Week 3 Morning Camps:
Geocaching- Miss Overly (AM)
Navigate your way though the forested Valley campus searching for geocached treasures. Learn about maps, compasses, and GPS as you hike around on the ultimate geocaching treasure hunt. No experience necessary. Come explore with us.
Film Fest- Mr. Brinton (AM)
Ever wonder how movies are made? Using computers, digital video cameras, iMovie, and various props, you will learn basic movie magic and camera tricks. Learn to plan, stage, film and edit. Use your creativity to tackle challenges such as creating vine videos, silent movie clips, and special effects
All Sports Camp- Mr. Croley (AM)
Can’t get enough sports? Join us as we play some of your favorite games and activities. Practice the fundamentals and compete in a variety of sports. From soccer to kickball, baseball to frisbee, corn hole to spike ball, or pick your favorite! We will be playing a new sport every day.
Zapped- Ms. Wright (AM)
Boom! You’ll be shocked to learn how cool electricity is when you attend this electrifying camp! We will test new equipment, complete unique projects and tackle some complex electrical challenges. Bring your brain and your energy!

Week 3 Afternoon Camps:
Movie Magic and Media Design- Miss Overly (PM)
Ever wonder how movies are made? Using computers, digital video cameras, iMovie, and various props, you will learn basic movie magic and camera tricks. Learn to plan, stage, film and edit. Use your creativity to tackle challenges such as creating vine videos, silent movie clips, and special effects
Step-by-Step Paint: Miss Overly (Carlee) (PM)
Take a blank canvas and make it a masterpiece! Using acrylic paints, students will follow an instructor in learning about color, perspective, and shading as they build a painting step by step. All skill levels are welcome.
Outdoor Arts and Crafts: Miss Earhart (PM)
Each day students will get to make new crafts, decorations, gifts, games, and artwork using natural materials found outside at the Valley School. Hikes and creek-walks will allow students to gather rocks, twigs, leaves, and flowers for their crafts, all while slowing down and taking the time to notice and learn about the little things in the world around us.

Go for the Gold: Mr. Brinton
Do you love watching the Olympics? This camp is for campers who love some good competition and Olympic games. Campers will participate in classic Olympic events like track races, long jump,“noodle” javelin throw, soccer, and handball. But also enjoy being creative and coming up with your own Olympic event.