VS Distance Learning

For almost 75 years, two of the standout qualities that have made Valley School such a special place are the beautiful physical environment and warm familial culture within which our students learn, grow, and thrive. Right now, our world circumstances necessitate that we stay safe and protect others by stepping away from campus and do our learning from a distance.
The Valley School Distance Learning Program is designed to sustain our students’ intellectual engagement and personal connections to faculty and classmates. Coursework has been purposefully selected to be rich in content, so as to maintain the trajectory of the students’ academic year. Opportunities for peer and faculty engagement, creative expression, and regularly scheduled advisory sessions round out the core curriculum.
While we regret that we cannot spend our days together under one roof, we are making the most of our challenging circumstances. We are here and available to help if you have questions or concerns about the Distance Learning Program. We look forward to seeing our students’ smiles—in person—very soon.