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Welcome to Valley School of Ligonier!

At Valley School, our purpose is to provide an environment of high intellectual achievement, social connectedness, and emotional health, filled with well-balanced and happy children of the highest integrity and character. Our research-based, whole-child philosophy serves our students by challenging them to push beyond knowledge and understanding toward critical and creative thinking. Our students take intellectual risks in a safe and supportive environment. When they consistently reach or exceed their own expectations, they learn to love a challenge, and become resilient in the face of adversity. They benefit from a broad and robust curriculum that includes core academics, visual arts, music, technology, athletics, and community service.

Inside and outside the classroom, our students hone their collaboration, public speaking, and social skills through continuous and intentional engagement with faculty and peers. As competent communicators, they develop the skills required for self-expression and advocacy. They learn to approach others with empathy and integrity and they become conscientious citizens who possess the skills to flourish in a competitive, global world.

At Valley School, our approach is based on the belief that children who have supportive guidance from parents, faculty, and peers will learn to view themselves as capable. We are inspired to watch as a growth mindset becomes the bedrock upon which each child can achieve their full potential.

We do our best to convey the Valley School experience here on our website, but the only way to truly appreciate the qualities of our remarkable students, families, faculty, staff, and administration, is to visit us personally. We invite you to reach out and schedule a tour. We hope you will consider the Valley Experience for your family!

Warm Regards,

Dr. Jonathan P. Strecker
Head of School

Dr. Jonathan P. Strecker, Head of School

Now, almost 75 years after, we remain faithful to our original mission of holistic education through academics, arts, and athletics. As educational advancements occur, we enhance the methodologies by which we prepare our students for the challenges and demands of our dynamic world.