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Physical Education

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Physical Education at Valley School is the foundation of our school’s physical fitness program and is characterized by a purposeful curriculum based on national standards. Designed to develop our students’ physical literacy, the objective is to lay the foundations for a lifetime of good health. We want our students to grow to appreciate the value of movement for enjoyment, challenge, social interaction, and self-expression.

Health and physical activity are integral components of a balanced educational program. Children who are active have an easier time staying focused in the classroom, improve their grades, experience fewer negative effects from stress, and increase their chances of achieving their highest academic potential.

If you have questions about physical education or athletics at Valley School, please contact Rich Rohrer, Director of Athletics.

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    Richard Rohrer 

    Athletic Director, Physical Education K-9

Lower School Sports

In kindergarten through 4th-grade “Sports Class,” children work toward competency in motor skills and movement patterns. They are introduced to the concepts, principles, strategies, and tactics for performing physical activities, and they practice appropriately respectful social and personal behavior for physical activity settings. Regular participation and genuine effort are expectations at this level. Though the foundations for a variety of sports are incorporated into the daily Lower School Sports curriculum, they are not necessarily seasonally aligned with Upper School athletics.

5th & 6th-Grade Athletics

In 5th and 6th grade, students build on the foundations of locomotion developed throughout their Lower School years, and begin to learn sport-specific skills, strategies, and rules. Sports covered include field hockey, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse. At this point, students do not travel to games, but do play small-sided games and scrimmages in each practice.

7th- & 8th-Grade Athletics

7th-and 8th-graders hone sport-specific skills through compulsory daily practices—all of which occur during school hours—and interscholastic games. Based on skill level, students are assigned to Junior Varsity or Varsity teams. JV athletes receive adequate playing time on the fields and courts based on work ethic, commitment, and attitude. Every effort is made to assign fair playing time to all JV players. Varsity athletes receive playing time based on skill level, work ethic, and the sophistication of game comprehension. Varsity players earn—but are not guaranteed—playing time. Factors that may affect playing time include skill development, practice attendance, attitude, effort, and safety concerns. All students are required to practice and compete during each respective season.  A single season exemption may be an option for competitive athletes who participate in a high-level club team outside of Valley School Athletics.

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