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Naturally Curious. Courageously Playful. Purposefully Inspired.

Valley School of Ligonier was founded in 1946 on the premises of holistic education, ethical behavior, and community-mindedness.

Serving children from kindergarten through 8th grade, Valley School today provides students with a balanced academic program in a positive and supportive cultural environment. Valley School children are encouraged to take risks, develop a growth mindset, explore their unique passions, set optimistic goals, think critically, and advocate for themselves and others.

Valley School students become young adults who pursue excellence in their learning and in their lives, and who generously contribute their talents to the world around them.

Our Philosophy

Valley School’s primary responsibility is to our children. For their benefit, we offer an educational experience based on the concept of continuous growth of the whole individual. Because Valley School is relatively small, we are able to identify and accommodate our students’ individual needs and rates of growth and maturation. Therefore, opportunities for success are available for each child. We make a deliberate effort to develop the following habits:

  • The desire to understand subjects in their full complexity and relation to 
  • The ability to think critically, constructively, and compassionately
  • The self-discipline to work in a purposeful, imaginative, and independent manner
  • The willingness to trust and cooperate with others 
  • The bravery to take calculated risks 
  • The flexibility to adapt to new situations
  • The growth mindset to learn from mistakes

Valley School’s academic coursework teaches children to pursue deep and complex understanding, reason carefully, and express themselves clearly—both orally and in writing. It is also designed to cultivate an appreciation for human interrelatedness, cultural heritages, creative expression, and the wonders of our natural and technological world. While our core curriculum emphasizes traditional academic subjects, we also require participation and achievement in the arts, sports, technology, outdoor, and community service programs.


Valley School of Ligonier wants each member of our community to be connected, known, and safe. Guided by the Valley Core Values, both children and adults share their stories, welcome the narratives of others, and grow through those experiences to navigate a diverse and interconnected world. Valley School of Ligonier is committed to providing authentic opportunities that inspire open dialogue and empower ethical social engagement aligned with the School’s mission, vision, and philosophy.

Valley Core Values

Research shows that students’ content learning is enriched when emotional, social, and cultural well-being are prioritized along with academic achievement. At Valley School, character development is actualized through our Valley Core Values:
As principles, the Valley Core Values are not new to our school community. Rather, they are based in our founding mission, and have been recently revitalized using best-practices in education. The formal program is designed to accommodate the ways our 21st-century learners interact, assume social responsibility, become self-aware, develop resilience, and contribute to their communities—now, and later in life. 

While there’s a universal element to each of the Valley Core Values, perhaps the most rewarding aspect of the program is that it allows space for each student to interpret and engage with the concepts in ways that make sense for them, personally.

Adding value-based education to our students’ curriculum means that in addition to having a strong academic foundation, our students will enter young adulthood with life skills that enable them to confidently, responsibly, compassionately navigate and contribute to our future world.

Valley School of Ligonier

Address: 153 Lupine Lane, Rector PA 15677
Mail: PO Box 616 Ligonier, PA 15658
Phone: (724) 238-6652  Fax: (724) 238-6838
In an environment that is safe, challenging, nurturing, and disciplined, Valley School provides a balanced and strong program of study for a diverse group of children. Our goal is to stimulate in each young person lifelong habits of moral behavior, seeking wisdom, and doing good works for others.
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