Feeding Mind and Body

At Valley School, we consider the dining room one more opportunity to model healthy choices and manners for our students.  Eating family style allows students to build relationships across grade levels, to build relationships with a variety of adults in the building, and to build healthy associations with eating and food.  Table conversation, helping others, and sharing a community meal are all an important part of the experience.

Sharon Snyder is our Director fo Food Services.  She works hard to set strong nutrition standards for the sake of our students' health.  She happily accommodates students with a variety of food allergies and dietary restrictions.  Mrs. Snyder is an integral part of each child's day here at Valley School.  She closely monitors the eating habits of students and keeps in close communication with families to ensure that all children's dietary needs are being met.

Here are a few highlights of the nutrition program at Valley School.
  • Salad bar with fresh vegetables and fruit available daily
  • Local, organic, grass-fed beef
  • whole wheat bread, dough and pasta
  • No fried foods- everything is oven-browned or grilled
  • Soups are homemade, not canned
  • No processed meats
  • All meal components are made from scratch
  • Near elimination of all transfats
  • All natural peanut butter
  • 100% juice served daily
  • Milk served daily, and chocolate milk is available on Fridays
    • Nutrition
    • Nutrition

Family-Style Lunch

Developing relationships is an integral part of the Valley School experience, and there is no better time to do so than over a meal.  Our family-style lunches allow teachers and students from various grade levels within each division to get to know each other on a more personal level.  Students share interests and experiences with those that they do not see during the course of their academic day, and the mixed groupings at each table promote friendships with children in other grade levels.  Family-style meals provide teachers with the chance to engage in quality conversations with all children in their division.

Our lunch time mimics the family dinner table.  The main dish and sides are served family-style at the table.  Students have the opportunity to try new foods and expand thier paletes, and are encouraged to make balanced and healthy choices. Lunch time at Valley School serves as the foundation for bonding as a community.