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Introducing The Valley Core Values

The Valley Core Values are driven by the school’s mission and have been developed strategically to help students foster character development skills.  The values provide focused direction and common language for the school’s programming and initiatives--including the integration of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Through meaningful conversations, experiential learning, and developmentally appropriate activities, students come to understand what each value means to the community and to them personally. They also discover how to embody their values in their actions, both in school and our extended community.
Cultivating Wellness: 
At Valley School, we are committed to cultivating wellness. We support all community members as they create their foundation for physical and emotional well-being. Individuals learn best when they grow in an environment that gives them an opportunity to develop a well-grounded sense of confidence, a persistent spirit of optimism, and an engaged open mind.  We are committed to cultivating wellness:
  • Physical & emotional well-being
  • Well-grounded confidence 
  • Spirit of optimism
  • Engaged & open mind
Seeking Wisdom: 
At Valley School, we are committed to seeking wisdom. We learn in a flexible, hands-on, intimate setting where the process of acquiring knowledge through individual pathways is equal to the content absorbed. It is our goal to encourage a growth mindset and to establish a community where stretching minds is the norm. In our pursuit of knowledge, we think wisely and learn that the purposeful application of wisdom defines character. We are committed to seeking wisdom:
  • Growth mindset
  • Pursuit of knowledge
  • Informed decision-making
  • Critical reflection
Embracing Integrity: 
At Valley School, we are committed to embracing integrity. In the classrooms, around the playground, upon the stage, on the sports field, and beyond the school walls, we work to instill within every community member the highest levels of ethical behavior, such as kindness, honesty, respect, and responsibility. We seek to balance personal excellence and humility in our day-to-day interactions. With integrity we function successfully and cohesively as a community. We are committed to embracing integrity:
  • Moral convictions
  • Ethical behaviors
  • Humility 
  • Mindful interactions 
Building Community: 
At Valley School, we are committed to building community. To grow as individuals and as a school, we collaborate to reach our collective goals and support one another in the pursuit of personal goals. We strive to build relationships within our walls and to nurture connections with our extended community. Through knowledge of self, empathy, and service, we work together to create a culture that is inclusive and fulfilling. We are committed to building community:
  • Empathy
  • Healthy relationships
  • Active engagement
  • Self & social awareness 

Valley Core Values: Building Community