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Why Give?

At Valley School, we see the potential in every child as an opportunity to contribute to the growth and betterment of our future world.
Of course, our students don’t quite see it that way. What they know is their everyday experience: Valley School is a place they play. A place they learn and explore. A place they are nurtured and challenged. A place they are encouraged and appreciated. Valley School is a place where children feel exceptional.
What our students may not realize is that while they’re having all that fun, we’re preparing them for their next steps. We provide them with an environment in which they can safely take intellectual and creative risks, learn from their mistakes, and develop the skills that will set them on the path to a healthy and balanced young adulthood.
At Valley School, children are becoming curious and critical thinkers. They are learning to be compassionate leaders.They are developing the integrity they need to advocate for themselves and others. They are maturing into generous and principled contributors. They are becoming tomorrow’s exceptional adults.
When you give to Valley School, you support this important work. Your contribution helps us to provide opportunities for our students’ positive development, and enables us to stay true to our founding mission.
QUESTIONS? Please contact:
Director of Development, Michelle Smith